Snakes on a Plane?

So, I just got back from the premiere of Snakes on a Plane, and I must say that it is the finest work of American film that I have ever experienced. Once you get past the plot holes, bad acting, and complete lack of a resolution, there’s a spectular example of what every movie should be. There was a good 15 minutes of solid snake-on-genitalia action, and who can pass that up.

Well, I’m out for now. This weekend I will try and write a post about the week I spent at QuakeCon 2006 because I’m sure you’ve all been looking forward to it.


A friend (Greg Kennedy) and I have been working on the LinuxRogue source, modifying it to add features that Greg needs for his Rogue/NetHack/MOO server that he runs. He found a patch for adding numpad support which is really nice for those that are use to playing NetHack or other more modern Rogue-like games. Greg also adding the option to have encrypted score files, rather than a requirement. He did this to make parsing it for a web high score table easier. After these and a few other minor changes were done, I went through and removed all the GCC warnings, meaning I made the code “more correct” I guess.

Well, after adding these features, we thought that the original maintainer might like to add our tweaks to the regular release, so Greg sent him an email. In his reply he basically said that he no longer has the desire to maintain the LinuxRogue source, and offered to let us takeover. We gladly accepted of course and are coming up with things to add. Greg would like to change the scoring system, it seems a little sloppy at the moment. But I’m sure we’ll come up with some more ideas. We don’t want to change too much though, since then we’ll be making yet another roguelike game. I think we’d like to keep the game play untouched, just add features of convenience for people who run servers and whatnot. Also, I will (hopefully in the next couple days) write an ebuild for our version of LinuxRogue so we can get this in portage. There are several rogue like games in portage, but no version of Rogue, so we’d like to see it get added to the tree. Well, that’s all for now, it’s time for me to sleep.

Blog Moved

You may have noticed that my blog has moved, everything has gone pretty smoothly. I was able to bring over the last ten posts from my old host but I did lose the comments. Eh, no big deal. I hope to be actively using this a bit more, maybe even less ranting and more everyday stuff. I don’t think I’ll be moving again since I’m now on my own host and have control. I may change the blogging system (although, I doubt it, WordPress is very flexible) but the address shouldn’t change. Hope you like the new theme too, leave a comment or suggestion on it!