End of Another Semester

It’s nearing the end of another semester, and a lot has been going on. My classes are wrapping up well; most of the hard projects are over with. It’s been quite a bit of work getting used to a full course load, but I’m satisfied with my performance.

My classwork has been somewhat dull this semester. I finally got around to taking Personal and Professional Development which has been less than thrilling. The class has great information for underclassmen, but as a senior, it provided little new information. It also doesn’t help that it’s a one credit hour course with the workload of a 3 hour course. It is a bit demotivating to be spending so much time on a course you feel has less value than the others.

I am also taking Short Stories to finish out my humanities requirements. The course is alright, fairly well-taught, just quite a bit different than the math and computer science courses I’m used to. The reading took a long time to get used to, especially since my interest in the stories wasn’t extremely high. Although I really enjoyed several stories and found out that I really enjoy Poe’s work. The papers were my strong point in the class, which is surprising to me. I never thought I was that great of a writer, creative or analytical, but my professor was sufficiently impressed.

Computing and Society was another 1 hour course I needed to get out of the way. Pretty interesting topics, especially when we had guest speakers.

Calculus II is well, Calculus II. I did considerably better this semester than in my previous attempts, and it looks as though I will be passing. The course material turned out to be fairly easy for me to grasp once I applied myself.

The last class I took was probably the most interesting to me. Applied Matrix Theory has been surprisingly fun to take. The teacher has a great attitude about the course, and teaches it very well. The application focus of the course also makes things very interesting to my implementation based mind. Learning new ideas in class and then reading about how they’re used in my field days later proves to make the course much more tolerable.

That’s all there is to my academics this semester. I’m glad to be back in the swing of things.