So, I heard from Amber that GameStop was trying to get rid of a lot of their used games and had a giant $10 and under display. Well, since most of the games I buy are under $10 I had to go give it a shot. I ended up buying 7 games. This isn’t unusual for me. Considering I walked out of the store with 7 games and only paid as much as one new game, I think I did pretty well, and actually, this happens quite often. Last weekend, Duncan and I did the same thing at Hastings. Anyways, on with the rant.

Duncan and I aren’t just gamers, we’re collectors. A lot my friends are this way, we really care about the condition of our games. So, when we pick out a used copy of our game, we look for a manual, original case and of course the condition of the disk or cartridge. Well, today I managed to find all non-greatest hits copies of the games I wanted. All of them had manuals and the cases were in great condition. However, when I went to checkout, the clerk there went under the counter and retrieved what I thought to be the disks for each game. It turns out, he didn’t just put the disks in the cases, he replaced the cases with whatever was in the drawer. Of course, he was just putting them in the bag as he goes and I didn’t check the bag until after I left the store. Well, Rygar, was replaced without a case at all, atleast, not an original case. It was one of there generic cases with the title written on it with a sharpie. Also, Smuggler’s Run and Devil May Cry were replaced with Greatest Hits versions of the cases and disks. And with Dynasty Warriors 4, he gave me a Greatest Hits disk and a non-Greatest Hits case.

The Greatest Hits switches don’t really bother me too much, if they hand’t of had the normal versions of the games, I still would’ve bought the Greatest Hits version. Since they had both versions though, I prefer to pick up the original, but like I said, this didn’t bother me so much. However, Rygar pissed me off quite a bit. I went through all those games and picked out the case in the nicest condition and everything, and he doesn’t even give me a case. I couldn’t believe it. I understand that the majority of their customers probably don’t care, but I go in all the time, and I’m always obsessing about the condition of everything I pick up, and it’s the same guy helping me every time. I guess I’m not that memorable or something. But next time I’ll know to make sure that I’m getting exactly what I picked out and not whatever the clerk feels like giving me.